15 Crying Kittens Dumped In A Suitcase Because They Don’t Look Good In Selfies


A woman was surprised when she found 15 little kittens meowing for help on her doorstep.

All of the abandoned little babies were stuffed in a suitcase and appeared to have been dumped outside the house of 31-year-old Sarah Mills.


The animal charity worker was shocked to discover the helpless kittens, which are all about four-weeks-old. The kittens were all riddled with fleas and appeared to have cat flu, which could potentially be fatal for the poor little ones. According to Mills, the suitcase did not have any identification and could have been dumped outside early dawn.


Recently, several animal charity groups claimed that there are cat owners and breeders who dump black cats because they do not look appealing in selfies.


Mills who handles the All Animal Rescue group in Southampton said that he has never seen cats being dumped in a suitcase before.

“I heard noise and undid the suitcase to see 15 pairs of eyes staring back at me.”

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has already started an investigation to go after the person who dumped these helpless kittens.

“It isn’t clear whether these kittens are all from the same litter or not, but it does seem like a lot,” Inspector Penny Baker said.


“Because they are all black, it is difficult to tell whether they are all brothers and sisters. It is more likely that it is two litters dumped together.”

“They are adorable kittens, but they are all teeming with fleas and worms.

“I have personally never dealt with an instance where so many have been dumped in one go like this.


“Sadly there is no CCTV and we haven’t got a description of the person who dumped them.

“We are hoping the public can be our eyes and ears and share any relevant information which might help us track down who abandoned them.”


Inspector Baker added that a witness spotted an adult cat before Mills discovered the suitcase. It is possible that she could be the mother of the kittens. However, the cat ran off and volunteers could no longer locate her despite the extensive search in the area.


Fortunately, the rescue group was able to find a foster parent who could take care of the kittens. They were immediately given medical attention and all of them will soon be put up for adoption.


Ten have since been handed to the RSPCA’s Stubbington Ark Rescue Centre, while a fosterer is caring for the other five.

An RSPCA spokeswoman said: “This is a really awful thing to do to dump such young vulnerable animals,” said An RSPCA spokeswoman.


“It’s fantastic that the lady was there to rescue them and take care of them.”

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