15 Life Changing Before & After Photos Show What Rescue Can Do To A Cat


Cats definitely bring love and joy into any home that treats them with kindness and affection, but that love gains a truly special meaning when the feline is a rescue from the streets.

Many of these adopted kitties have been saved by kind-hearted people from the brink of death. If you or someone you know is considering getting a cat, we sure hope that you will consider adopting a homeless kitty that needs a forever home. They definitely need your love.

We also hope that the photos below will convince you or your friend to go to the nearest local shelter and adopt.

This is Justin and he was rescued during a fire.

When an animal shelter discovered a box full of tiny kittens, they realized that there was only one survive and she was blind. Six months later, she is healthier than ever.

This is Bunny! She survived electrocution. She is so beautiful!

This cat was badly burned when he tried to get warm in a car engine and the car drove away. He has since recovered and now looks adorable!

Everyone thought this cat was already dead when they found her. A month later, she looked like a different kitty!

When Louie was just two weeks old, he was found abandoned in the gutter. Today, he has a loving family and living in his furever home.

He doesn’t look like the same cat in the photo.

When rescuers found her, she was definitely in a great deal of pain. Kodama had a maggot-infested wound and shelter staff thought she was not going to survive. Six years later, she is a happy cat living with a loving family.

This cat looks beautiful!


He doesn’t look like the same kitten!

A rescue cat, before and after photo!

Tyrion had an eye infection when rescuers found him. But now, he is the cutest cat ever!

He was found in the drain by a kind-hearted man. Now, he lives with him!

Who would have thought that this handsome cat was found in the middle of the road when he was a just kitten.

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