2 Reasons Why ‘Crazy’ Cat People Make The World A Better Place To Live In


In our society, there has been a stigma placed on people who devote themselves to caring for cats. They’ve been labeled as the “crazy” cat people. When people hear the word “cat lady,” one would immediately think that the person is a crazy old spinster or a career woman who’s too focused on her job position to even land a decent date.

Society may be poking fun at the lady who’s into her feline companions but the truth is, the world is a much better place when these so-called “crazy” cat people are around. These people genuinely love cats so much. They not only enjoy cat gifs but they do invest their time and hearts into making sure cats all over the world are always taken care of.

Two reasons our society needs crazy cat people

Cat people intend to save lives. We’re not talking about giving an expensive cat breed the time of their lives by providing him all the cat toys and treats that he could possibly enjoy. We’re talking about people who really bend over backwards just to rescue a stray and get them off the streets.

Crazy cat people are awesome

A crazy cat person would rather adopt than shop because he or she knows so well that there are too many animals in need of a home. They are serious about adoption and they taking this matter very seriously.

Cat people know how to make a difference. Cat people are aware of the responsibilities involved in adopting a cat. Some of them acknowledge the fact that they can’t take in more strays so they volunteer at shelters instead.

Cat people don’t give a s*** about those who mock them because they’re too busy saving lives one day at a time.

Joana Coccarelli/Flickr

The truth is the world needs more people like the crazy cat people because they’ll look out for animals in need. The world needs people who are willing to give homes and second chances to those who deserve it.

h/t: OneGreenPlanet