26-Year-Old Senior Cat Had No Chance To Get Adopted — Until Woman Saw Him Online


A senior cat was surrendered at a local shelter after his owner got sick and could no longer take care of him. The people at Baltimore County Animal Services immediately began to look for potential cat owners who can give the old kitty a new home. However, they knew that the chance of old cats getting adopted is pretty slim.

Meet Thomas, 26-year-old the senior cat!

According to the shelter, cat around 10 to 13 years old are not often going to be noticed at adoption centers because potential owners are usually looking for kittens or younger kitties. At 26 years old, the odds are definitely not on Thomas’ side.

Despite the odds, shelter staff began to post photos of Thomas online hoping for some miracle to happen. Little did they know, a kind-hearted woman had already noticed the adorable senior cat.

“I was scrolling through my news feed and read ‘26’ and stopped in my tracks,” Laura Cassiday, webmail administrator and avid foster mom with Animal Allies Rescue Foundation (AARF), told The Dodo. “I had never even heard of a cat that old. It was a snap decision; I commented that they could stop looking and I’d take him, and we called the shelter to say AARF would pull him. I picked him up the next morning.”

Cassiday did not want to wait for someone to adopt Thomas. She felt that the cat may no longer have the time to wait, so she decided to take the senior cat home.

“We basically took him on knowing that he’d never get adopted for the sole purpose of saving his life,” Cassiday said.

Aside from hyperthyroidism and severe dental disease, Thomas is generally healthy. After a quick visit to the vet, the senior cat was ready to meet his new human family.

Thomas is living at his new home for almost two weeks now, but the senior cat is still trying to get used to everything. Cassiday promised to take care of Thomas and make sure the cat will enjoy the remaining years of his cat life.

“Young cats are a lot of work,” Cassiday said. “They get into stuff. I waste so much money on toilet paper because Juniper unrolls it all at least once a week. Thomas lays in his bed quietly all day and doesn’t bother anyone. He is the ideal pet. I’m not saying everyone has to go out and adopt a 26-year-old cat, but when you’re looking to adopt, maybe give that 12- or 13-year-old a second glance. They need you way more than a kitten does.”

Thomas has since become a local celebrity, and people have come to the house showing support to the senior cat after hearing his story.

“He is definitely a crotchety old man,” Cassiday said. “He hates the stardom and fame and wants to be left alone. I kind of don’t blame him. His one true love is food. I’m feeding him as much as he wants because I feel like he’s 26 and he deserves it. He does enjoy being petted and will play with toys a tiny bit, but it’s mostly sleeping and eating for this old dude.”

“I feel like an ordinary person caught in an extraordinary moment,” Cassiday said. “In my mind, I did what anyone else should have done. I saw an animal who needed help and knew I had the capacity to help, so I did.”

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Source: The Dodo

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