5 Ways to Control Cat Spraying


Many cat owners confuse animal urinating with urine spraying, even though the behaviors of the kitties doing it are quite different. We must understand that although urine spraying is different, it is a normal occurrence among cats. It is an innate territory-marking behavior that has nothing to do with the sanitation of your pet. Both male and female felines will spray; however, cat spraying is most common in non-neutered males and in a house with multiple male cats.

Cats spray their urine to mark their territory. It could create odor problem in the house when they spray on furniture, carpet, bedrooms, etc. Although cat owners could not prevent cat spraying, you can control the behavior by following the suggestion below.

  • Have your cat neutered or spayed by the time she reaches six months. More than 90 percent of felines will not start cat spraying if they are fixed before they can even start the behavior.

  • Restrict your cat’s view of outdoors. Remember that if your cat sees another kitty, her normal response will be to spray to mark her territory, which is your home. It also helps to move furniture away from windows.

  • If you have two or more cats, always make sure to foster a positive relationship between them. In that way, they will be less competitive, allowing each of them to share their territory.

  • Always keep everything a routine to reduce stress in your cat. Changes can bring negative effect in cats, so be careful when you bring in new things or people.

  • Use Pet Safe Spray or any other recommended product to repel your cat with unpleasant essences.

Cat Spraying is definitely Controllable!

Cat spraying is definitely a problem cat owners don’t necessarily have to live with. There is a solution. Whenever you notice your cat spraying, control it. The sooner the better.