Man Hates Cats Until He Meets Her – Then Created The Most Beautiful Love Story


When this 14-year-old cat was adopted by her family, one person was not really as thrilled as everyone else. Her human dad never really liked cats, but this kitty was determined to do everything in his power to make him love her.

Meet Roxy the cat and her human Dad, Austin!

This senior cat was six years old when she was adopted by the family. According to his wife, Gabrielle Davis, before Roxy came into their life, Austin was never a cat person.

“He didn’t really like cats but then I came into the relationship with Roxy,” Gabrielle with Love Meow.

With a heavy heart, Austin didn’t really have a choice but to accept the family’s new feline friend.

Roxy knew that Austin has a cat lover side waiting to be unleashed; she just needs time to figure out how to make him love her.

When Gabrielle became pregnant, Austin didn’t have much choice but to help care for Roxy. He scooped cat litter, brushed the kitty and eventually started holding her.


A few days later, Gabrielle saw Roxy and Austin cuddling with each other – it happened every day until the two became inseparable.

Austin is now in love with his sweet feline daughter, Roxy!

Many years later, Roxy is “obsessed” with her human dad, Austin. She will wait by the window for him around the time he gets home.

“She will meow at my husband until he holds her,” Gabrielle said.

Because of Roxy, Austin now enjoys the company of many cats at home and even fostered a few times.

The senior cat competes with another kitty as they try to get more attention from their human daddy. The two cats love to be around their beloved daddy!

“This is Roxy waiting at the window, waiting for my husband to come home.”

She’s Austin’s most loyal friend.

“It’s been eight years, and I’m pretty he holds the cat more than our four-year-old son,” Gabrielle told Love Meow.

Austin obviously no longer hates cats, he loves them and he takes care of them.

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Source: LoveMeow


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