6 Things Found In Your Home That Can Kill Your Cat Quickly


Most cat owners are not really aware of certain things that can be dangerous to their beloved pet. These things could be fatal if consumed and not treated immediately, but what can be even worse, is when the illness could have easily been prevented.

Many pet owners have things around the house, which can be normal household items but are extremely dangerous to cats.

Below are some of the items that should never be put anywhere near cats.


Despite its beauty, these flowers can be deadly to your beloved feline. A small amount ingested can already damage your cat’s kidney. If your pet cat has been in contact with some lilies, you may spot the dust on their fur and the kitty will probably be vomiting, depressed, not wanting to eat, disorientated or may be acting strangely. The kidney damage can be fatal, but if treated immediately, the cat will surely survive.

Dog Flea Treatment

The substance called “permethrin” found on many dog flea treatment soup, which is highly poisonous for cats, will attack the nervous system that would eventually lead to your beloved cat’s slow, painful death. Avoid putting dog treatment items on your pet cat.


This is a common substance, which can be found in many houses. This has a very appealing taste to cats. However, this substance will cause severe kidney damage to your beloved cats and will do so very quickly. The death from anti-freeze is quick and owners probably won’t even have enough time to get the pet to the hospital.

Onions and Garlic

These things are highly toxic to our pet cats – causing severe damage to the red blood cells, which are needed to carry oxygen around their body.

Anti-Inflammatory Drugs

These are painkillers that are usually prescribed by vets to pet owners who have cats suffering from arthritis or a cut pad. When used at the correct dosage, these drugs can help our pets feel much better. However, if accidentally or purposefully over-dosed, cats can get long-lasting internal damage that would eventually lead to their death.


Avoid using paracetamol when you suspect your cat is in some kind of pain. Cats do not have the ability to break down these meds – even a small amount can be fatal. Paracetamol can cause irreversible damage to cats’ liver and blood vessels.

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