Abandoned Premature Kitten Surprises Rescuers With His Silver Coat – He Is The Cutest!

National Kitten Coalition

Kittens that are born early usually don’t have much chance to live or grow up healthy. However, this tiny abandoned cat who was born prematurely is not giving up as he is showing to his rescuers that he will fight to live. The rescuers will soon discover how special the abandoned premature kitten is.

This is Rizzo the abandoned premature kitten!

National Kitten Coalition

This tiny little thing was rescued just hours after he was born. He may have been abandoned by his mother after coming out early as expected. Despite having trouble surviving, Rizzo is doing all his best to make it.


“Little Rizzo came into foster as a two-day preemie just hours old,” National Kitten Coalition said.

National Kitten Coalition

According to his rescuers, little Rizzo was born two days earlier than expected.

Natalie found the vulnerable and abandoned premature kitten and surrendered him the co-founder of National Kitten Coalition, Susan Spaulding who is known to have lots of experience when it comes to neonatal babies.

Rizzo was so tiny and only weighs 69 grams. Nobody expected him to survive; however, the little furball gained 20 grams overnight after feeding him around the clock.

Rizzo was also given lots of much-needed TLC!

National Kitten Coalition

After two weeks of taking care of him, everyone witnessed his eyes open for the first time.

“His coloring is called a ‘fever coat’ and happens when the mother cat is ill with a high fever during pregnancy.”

“The silver portion of his fur will eventually turn black. Just as with Siamese points, which are due to a temperature sensitive gene, the coloring shows darker on his extremities because their temperature is cooler.”

It appeared that Rizzo is a special kitty with a unique silver coat and brings a lot of hope to make it in this world.

“I have had about a dozen of them over the years…always look very Siamese in coloring and all have eventually turned black where they were silver…. usually between 6-8 weeks,” Susan explained.

National Kitten Coalition

“A couple of mine in the past seemed to keep almost a silvery undercoat even though they were basically black.”

Rizzo is now completely healthy. He will soon grow up to be a handsome cat!

National Kitten Coalition

“He continued thriving, joined his new foster sister, Zoey, and has now returned to the rescue to find his forever family,” National Kitten Coalition said.

“His coat is slowly reverting to black and he will be a very handsome medium haired tuxedo one day soon.”

abandoned premature kitten

Renzon with another kitten!

Rizzo will soon find a loving family when he is ready to be adopted.

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Source: National Kitten Coalition

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