9-Year-Old Abused Cat Lets Out The Loudest Purr After Chin Scratches From Rescuers

Young Williams Animal Center

An adorable 9-year-old abused cat shows people at the shelter how happy he is to get chin scratches from volunteers.

Gandalf was rescued by Young Williams Animal Center of Knoxville, Tennessee from a home after several reports claimed animal abuse. The sweet old fella arrived in May 2017 with the opportunity to get adopted by a loving family.

Young Williams Animal Center

“His cheeks were swollen due to infected teeth which we removed for him,” the group said.

Gandalf had been living a life in pain without anybody to take care of him and make him feel loved. When the volunteers at the shelter showered him with love and affection, the sweet cat could not contain himself as he purred with excitement.

Young Williams Animal Center

Gandalf was in a terrible shape when rescued by the organization. His face showed some signs of abuse and volunteers had to take him to the vet to make sure all his medical issues were taken care off.

The adorable cat lets out the loudest purr when the volunteers started treating him for his aliments. Gandalf may never have felt that kind of love for a very long time.

Young Williams Animal Center

“He was a staff favorite, thoughtful, kind, loving, fun and super snuggly,” the group said.

When Edna Mendoza decided to foster Gandalf, the sweet boy captured her heart. Before she knew it, she’s already in love with him, so she decided to be his forever human mom.

Mendoza made it official and adopted the former abused cat!

Young Williams Animal Center

From being an abused cat, Gandalf is now living in his forever home with his loving human family!

He waited nine years to be able to feel the love he always wanted.

abused cat loudest purr
Young Williams Animal Center

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