Rescued Puppy Pulls Blanket To Share With Stray Dog On The Street – Truly Heartwarming!


It takes one to know one, they say. And this adopted dog knows what it feels like not to have a home. Suelen Schaumloeffel, who is a journalist in Brazil, discovered that her adopted puppy is on to something. The little pooch, Lana, is actually doing a thoughtful gesture for one stray dog – she took her blanket over to the fence and shared it with a stray.

Schaumloeffel took to Facebook to share the heartwarming moment between two dogs. In her post, Schaumloeffel said that the weather in the area has been a bit chilly and she and her boyfriend thought they should get Lana a new blanket. But when they checked up on Lana, what they found truly touched their hearts.

Meet the adorable Lana.

Suelen Schaumloeffel


Lana helped a stray on the street by sharing her blanket on a chilly day.

Suelen Schaumloeffel

“Seeing the friend without a home and cold, Lana did not hesitate to share her blanket. She pulled it over to the fence and offered it to her friend. Each on one side of the fence, but both warm,” Schaumloeffel wrote on Facebook.

Schaumloeffel could not believe what she saw and was overcome with emotion.

 “I was so overwhelmed by her generosity!”

Eight-month-old Lana, herself, was rescued from the streets last year, Schaumloeffel told The Dodo. Clearly, Lana didn’t forget what it’s like to be out there all alone with no one to care for you. You’d have to wonder and be amazed how an animal can be more compassionate than some humans will ever be.

Lana with her human, Suelen.

Suelen is proud of Lana and is thankful for having her to remind her about being generous and opening up your hearts to those in need.

As for the stray, Suelen and her partner try to help Lana’s new friend but it runs away each time they try to get near it. However, they have left food and water for the dog in case it comes back.

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