14 Adorable Jewelry For Dog Lovers Perfect As Gifts For Special Occasions


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If you’re thinking about making it extra special for your dog lover spouse or partner, why not get him or her a super adorable gift? The best gift we can think of? — jewelry for dog lovers.

Fashionable dog owners would love to get their hands on some bling that lets them wear their love for dogs with style. If you’re struggling to get the perfect gift for a dog lover, we got you covered. We searched online for the cutest and coolest jewelry for dog lovers that you can give any day or any special occasion. Check them out below!

 Bangles and Bracelets

#1. Personalized bangle with birthstone

Credit: Etsy

This gorgeous bangle can be personalized to have your own birthstone and a dog bone with your furbaby’s name. Check this jewelry for dog lovers out on Etsy.

#2. Bernese Mountain Dog love

Got a specific breed in mind that you truly love? Check out this Bernese Mountain Dog bracelet, made for those who want to show their love for the breed.

#3. Dog lover bracelet

Don’t forget to check out this cute bracelet from Bling Jewelry, which features dog paw prints and bones – show it off to everyone and let them know you’re a dog lover!

#4. Charm bracelet

Credit: jilliciouscharms

Because a charm bracelet speaks a lot about a person. If you’re a dog lover or if your partner is one, here’s another great gift suggestion and you can get it from jilliciouscharms.


#5. Beagle love

Got so much love for Beagles? Show it to the world with this cute beagle necklace!

#6. Upcycled dog necklace

This handmade upcycled necklace can be the perfect gift for your man. You can get it here from ETSY.

#7. Memorial necklace

If you have a beloved pooch who’s no longer with you, you can keep him or her close to your heart with this cute memorial necklace.

#8. Bull Terrier fan

Any bull terrier fan would definitely want to have this lovely jewelry for dog lovers.

#9. Dog paw locket

One of the most thoughtful gift ideas for dog lovers you can give. This 14K-gold filled locket can hold two photos inside. Get it here.

Rings and Earrings

#10. Glam earrings for dog lovers

Heading to a formal party? Get this lovely pair of earrings and make a statement!

#11. Cute handmade pet earrings

This fashionable jewelry for dog lovers is perfect for everyday wear. Get it HERE.

#12. Cubic zirconia pawprint ring

This elegant jewelry is made with dog lovers in mind. Do you want to put a ring to it? Why not choose this bling for your girl?

#13. Sterling silver dog ring

This sterling silver-made band can be the best gift for your dog-loving partner/spouse to treasure forever. It’s simple, cute and speaks a lot for the wearer. Get it from ETSY.

#14. Teardrop earrings

Find the best jewelry for dog lovers here.

Anyone with a soft spot for dogs would definitely love this gift! It’s elegant and sexy and it’s got pawprints on it! This 5-star rated jewelry for dog lovers is a must-have! Buy it here.

Which one is the cutest jewelry for dog lovers? Let us know what you think of this list by hitting the comments section below.