Adorable Kitty Saves His Best Friend Cat From The Naughty Vets

The Worst LAG

Cats are definitely adorable and sweet; however, if there is something they really hate, it is going to the vets.

Some cats don’t like going to animal clinics because they know something not good is going to happen.

This particular feline is so desperate to not take any from the vets today, and he is forcibly taking his best friend cat with him.

The Worst LAG

As the animal doctors are about to give some shots to his friend, this brave young fella took the matter into its own paws. He grabbed his buddy by the scruff of the neck and pulled him away from the weighing scale where the vets have put him.

The video shows the mighty cat dragging his friend back into the basket as their human parent and the doctors watch on in amazement.

Although the cat that was being dragged is reluctant, his friend did not give up and forcibly put him in the basket.

Although this is quite hilarious, the video shows what cat friendship is all about!

Watch the video below:

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