Adorable Moment Dog Pokes His Head Out From Luggage While On The Train


Train rides are fun — that’s what this Goldern Retriever thinks. The dog was seen popping his head out of the luggage while on the New York City subway train. And because he’s just so adorable, the pooch became a viral sensation after a video of him surfaced online.

The New York subway only allows owners to bring their pets aboard their train if they are enclosed in a bag. That means, you only need to bring your dog if it’s small enough to fit in your carry-on bag. But obviously, a Golden Retriever won’t easily fit in it, unless someone carries a roll-on bag instead. And that’s what the owner exactly did.

Before anyone would react to the dog being in a comfortable position, Kristine Hizon, the commuter who filmed the cute scene, assures that the dog was happy to be where he was and that her video made the bag look smaller than its actual size.

When you see the video, you can say that this dog is definitely enjoying the train ride.

Check out the video below!

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