Tiny Kitten With Special Feet Desperately Walks Up To Woman For Love


A kind-hearted woman saw a helpless kitty outside her house trying to make it to safer grounds. When she got near it, she realized that this one is not your ordinary cat.

This is Scooter. He is a special kitty that walks on the sides of his arms and his front feet are turned inwards.

When the Good Samaritan found the tiny kitten in her yard, she quickly scooped him and brought him inside the house. When she realized that Scooter could not walk properly and needed immediate medical attention, she contacted the rescue group in Elkhart, Indiana called Here Kitty Kitty Rescue.

“We don’t know how he survived outside for five weeks, but Scooter has an amazing will to live,” the group said.

The volunteers made a promise to give all the love and attention to Scooter. They knew he needed the affection to survive.

Scooter is one special cat who just wanted love and be loved.

The vet immediately examined Scooter and provided him all the medical attention he needed.

“It looks like Scooter was born with shortened or tightened ligaments/muscles on both his front feet. This is what caused his feet to turn in and make him walk funny,” the rescue organization said.

“The plan for now is to start physical therapy on his legs. He will need lots of stretching and manipulating the feet, trying to get them used to going in the proper position. The next step would be surgery at a speciality hospital, but not for awhile, since he is so small.”

Despite his disability, volunteers did everything that they can to make sure Scooter will grow up normally.

“Scooter is doing great in his foster home. He has joined rescue momma Avery and her four babies,” the group said to Love Meow.

Scooter is loved by everyone at his foster mom’s house. He also enjoys being around other cats who accepted him as their new-found sibling.

“His cold is clearing up well with antibiotics and he is slowly gaining weight. Even though Avery’s babies are four weeks younger than Scooter, they all weigh the same,” the rescue told Love Meow.

Scooter might be different from other cats but the tiny kitten is just as energetic and playful who loves to round around in his foster momma’s home.

Although Scooter is healing up smoothly, he still receives medical attention from doctors for his legs.

By the time he was ready for adoption, a loving family decided to give him a chance to have a forever home.

The tiny kitten has been adopted and his now living happily with his human family and a few feline siblings.

Cuddle moments with his new best friend.

Scooter is definitely one special cat!

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