Adorable Water Dog Captures Baseball Fans’ Hearts As He Delivers Bottles To Players


In any sports event, the audience is focused on the game and the players. But in this baseball game, a dog happened to steal the show.

Jake the Diamond Dog clearly enjoys doing what he does best. On Monday night, he was at a Fort Wayne TinCaps baseball game to serve the umpires the best way he can – give them water bottles in exchange for pats on the head. That’s just too adorable!

Jake steals the show at a baseball game by delivering water bottles to umpires.

ABC15 Arizona

Who wouldn’t love Jake? He goes out in the infield with basket dangling from his mouth. He’s the delivery dog who takes water balls to umpires and players. The short game clip below is from the game that was held on June 27, and Jake didn’t disappoint. The video has gone viral as people see how calmly Jake makes his way over to one umpire and patiently waits for him to finish the drink.

Jake not only delivers the water but also sits by waiting for the umpire or players to finish the drink so they can return the water ball to the basket. And of course, Jake gets his reward – the awesome head pats (dogs live for that).

Jake takes a basket filled with water bottles by his mouth.

ABC15 Arizona

Just when you think that the Diamond Dog only serves water to the players in the field, he surprised the fans with more of his neat tricks.

Jake even waits for the umpires to finish their drink, give him a pat on the head before leaving.

ABC15 Arizona

He woofs to open the game and he also makes those people in the stands super excited as he delivers them prizes. He also gives the pitcher the game ball and retrieves foul balls.

Jake is a superstar in this game. No one can deny that!

See more of what Jake can do in the video below.