14 Animals That Have Gross And Weird Secrets


You always get to see cute animals populating your social media feed and you can’t help but squeal in delight. But even though there could be thousands of these pictures popping up online that doesn’t really mean that all people become experts in the animal kingdom.

But with a little research on these adorable creatures, you will discover that they can have gross and weird secrets –and that makes it more interesting. Here are 14 animals who have secrets that can be disgusting at times.

1. Some frog species make an elephant dung its most favorite spot.

Ahimsa Campos-Arceiz

It must feel warm and mushy.

2. The CIA once had a program in which our feline friends are trained to become spies.

You’d have to wonder if the cat you have now is a spy.

3. Crabs that are shy tend to produce the most sperm.


So if they get out of their houses, they could be drowning in their own fluid.

4. Sloths come down from the trees for only one reason — to take a dump.

Roy Luck/Flickr

The upside is that this animal is decent enough not to poop while up in the tree. Saves you that unfortunate fate.

5. When male bees mate, they die after since their sexual organs will explode.

David Goehring/Flickr

Talk about explosive orgasm.

6. Wolverines may be adorable but they can be nasty!

William F. Wood

They are the size of a medium-sized dog but they can take down an animal as large as a caribou.

7. Orcas kill sharks by suffocation.


Oh! Orcas! OMG OMG! They’re so cute – yes! Oh no…They kill for pleasure!

What do you think?