Bear Gives Woman A Surprise Visit For Some Brownies

Matt Austin

A woman from Connecticut was baking brownies in her kitchen when an unexpected visitor decided to show up on her door trying to get in.

A bear that looks really young was standing outside the door, staring through the glass door, hoping to be invited inside by the woman. During that time, she was making brownies and the bear may have smelt the tasty treat and wondered if the woman is willing to share some.

Although the bear looks really cute and could use some hugs and kisses, it scared the hell out of the woman. She called one of her neighbors, Bob Belfiore, to see if he can help her drive the large animal away.

“He actually left the kitchen area and went to the second set of doors off the deck,” Belfiore said to WFSB. “And tried those and then went to the third set of doors into the living room and attempted to get into those.”

Fortunately for the woman, the bear decided to just go away without insisting on bringing some brownies. Unluckily for the baby animal, there will be no treats today.

Bears are known to be food motivated and they have a remarkably sharp sense of smell. It is important to remember not to leave food in areas frequented by bears.

According to the police, there were no similar incidents reported following the woman’s bear encounter.

“We do get calls about bears walking in peoples’ yards or crossing the street almost daily. However, those calls we would not categorize as a “nuisance bear,” Avon Police Lt. Kelly Walsh said.

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