Beautiful Kitten Desperately Begs Woman To Take Her Out Of The Shelter


There are hundreds of thousands of shelter cats across the United States waiting to be adopted. All of them are hoping to get the opportunity of living with a loving family and be given a furever home. Unfortunately, not all the kitties at the shelter will be given that chance.

However, this beautiful kitten named Cheyenne decided to do something adorable to make sure she gets picked up. This rescued cat refused to let go of her foster mom as she literally clung to her.


Although Cheyenne is known to be a sweet kitty, she wasn’t really happy to be put in a kennel – like all cats are at animal shelters. Everyone can tell that she desperately wanted to get out and be with someone that will love her unconditionally.

So, when foster mom Nikki decided to visit the shelter, Cheyenne made sure that she will get picked up!

Nikki immediately noticed the beautiful white and gray kitten and quickly captured her heart. She took Cheyenne home that very same day.

The cat’s wish to have a furever home and a human mom to give her lots of TLC has finally come true!

This is how this beautiful kitten Cheyenne looks like when she’s happy!

Cheyenne let Nikki feel how thankful she is for taking her home. She loves her new foster home.

Not long after, a kind hearted woman named Amy took her home after meeting with her and stealing her heart. Cheyenne is very happy to have so many kind people who are willing to give her unconditional love.

Cheyenne is now happily living with Amy along with another rescued cat named Pearl. Not only did she get a loving mom, she also got a playmate.

Cheyenne will never have to spend another day at the shelter again.

Cheyenne and her best friend, Pearl.

Together, they are the cutest!

We are hoping that more and more shelter cats like Cheyenne will be given the opportunity to have a furever home.

beautiful kitten

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