Best Brushes For Himalayan Cats


What’s not to love about Himalayan cats? Being a mix of the Siamese and Persian cat, you get to have a beautiful feline with a sweet personality. You’ve got the best of both breeds – and not to mention, you’ll get one that looks so majestic with its hair. For this reason, a Himalayan cat owner should know how to maintain their gorgeous coat. They need to know basic Himalayan cat grooming tips as well as picking out the best brushes for Himalayan cats.

Caring for a Himalayan cat, just like caring for any other cat, is all fun and rewarding. However, they can be more challenging because of their beautiful coat and you’ll need to have the right tools for a successful grooming session with you Himalayan

Understanding the Himalayan Cat Coat

The Himalayan cat’s coat is characterized by long, lush hair that feels so soft on your hands. Yes, it’s easy to admire this breed’s coat but when they are neglected and not regularly groomed, the Himalayan cat’s coat will tangle easily.

Regularly grooming Himalayan cats is necessary as dirt and dust can accumulate in their coat, making them a dirty cat. For this reason, many Himalayan cat owners tend to give their feline friends a bath every week. Not only that, but they tend to get dirty easily after visiting their cat litter, which makes regular grooming really necessary.  Add to that the fact they shed a lot of fur and you’ll understand the need to invest in grooming tools and find the best brushes for Himalayan cats.

Tips For Finding The Best Brushes For Himalayan Cats

It is important that you pick out a brush that’s comfortable to use. Find a grooming brush that has an ergonomic handle for an easy grip as you would spend a great amount of time brushing your cat and you wouldn’t want to strain your hand in doing so. The brush bristles should also be gentle on your cat’s skin and hair so as to make your cat enjoy the grooming session instead of dreading it.

You will also want short, firm bristles in an ideal brush for grooming Himalayan cats. Brushes with bent wire bristles make it so easy to brush through the Himalayan cat’s thick coat solving those tangle problems. These bristles are great in getting rid of loose, dead hair helping you with the shedding problem. Plus, they’re easy on the skin too.

As for groomers, it is important to have a brush that’s easy to clean. More importantly, the best brush for grooming Himalayan cats is one that is durable. Of course, you would want to have a brush that can be around for years. There are those that are made of plastic or wood that are great but make sure you’ll find one that’s durable enough to withstand daily use. That also means a good-quality brush that will not easily lose its bristles.

Here are some recommendations on the best brushes for grooming Himalayan cats:

1. Smartelf Self-cleaning Slicker Brush for Long-Haired Cats and Dogs

Self-cleaning best brush for Himalayan cat

“This retractable slicker brush does everything it is supposed to do, just better than the older slicker brushes that you had to manually clean of fur after each use! Our dog enjoys getting brushed all over. I’ve used it a bit with our Maine Coon mix cats as well. This brush is so easy to use right out of the package, making less work after brushing just by retracting the metal prongs. The handle is comfortable to hold and the width of the slicker brush is a great size.”

2. Chirpy Deshedding Brush

It's recommended to choose the best brushes for grooming Himalayan cats
Review about the best brushes for Himalayan cat

3. Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

The perfect brush to get all nasty mats out of your pet’s fur. Hertzkos Slicker Brush gently removes loose hair, and eliminates tangles, knots, dander and trapped dirt. Works great on dogs and cats with all sizes and hair types!

Tips on How to Groom a Himalayan Cat

One of the most important tips on how to groom a Himalayan cat is to start brushing as early as possible. When your Himalayan is still a kitten, start with the brushing routine so it will get used to the sensation. Grooming sessions will become less stressful as a result.

Starting grooming early will also get your kitten accustomed to the area where you groom. Make grooming a fun part of your cat care routine. Make sure your cat feels comfortable during brushing time. You can do this by putting your cat on a counter and readying all your grooming tools within reach.

Before starting grooming Himalayan cats, get it to relax first by petting it on its back. Gently start to brush the back of its neck moving on to the side and the rest of the body. End by gently brushing the face. Make grooming Himalayan cat a pleasant experience by minimizing pain (or avoiding) for your cat. Tangles can be quite a challenge but don’t push it if it’s stubborn. Loosen the matted hair with a pet conditioner during a bath. Then use one of the best brushes for Himalayan cats to loosen matted hair.

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