8-Year-Old Girl Keeps Drawing Pictures Of Blind Cat To Convince Her Parents To Adopt Her


An animal-human friendship story is always heartwarming. Especially when it started young. Such is the story of 8-year-old Britta Bergeson and a one-year-old blind cat named Justice. When Britta saw a photo of Justice, she immediately knew she had to have her.

Justice was taken in by the Arizona Humane Society as a stray. According to Adoptions Supervisor Vaness Crues, who told The Dodo, the cat was picked up by the field department and found that she had trauma to both her eyes.

Justice the rescue blind cat had a bad eye condition.

Arizona Humane Society

Her eyes had to be removed and she went completely blind.

Arizona Humane Society

Despite Justice’s condition, 8-year-old Britta didn’t change her mind about the cat.

Little girl draws pictures of blind cat
Arizona Humane Society

Crues shared to the news outlet how Britta told her family that Justice is the cat she wanted to have.

“She originally saw her on the [AHS] website, and she was telling her whole family about her, and how that was the cat she wanted. She had a soft spot in her heart for this cat.”

Britta then thought of a way to convince her parents to take home Justice with her.

Arizona Humane Society

She started drawing pictures of her life if Justice was with her. 

In one picture, Britta drew herself rubbing noses with Justice.

Arizona Humane Society

The little girl just couldn’t stop talking about the blind cat she wanted, her parents revealed to Crues. The supervisor believes that Britta wants to be the one to provide the love and care that Justice needs.

Britta visited the shelter and she knew who she would love to meet.

Arizona Humane Society

When Justice went home with her new family, Britta decided to rename her Lucky. The little girl is ecstatic to have her new friend. Britta is not the only one who shows Lucky some love. All the family, including her uncles, aunts and grandpa are supporting Britta and Lucky so that the latter will have a smooth transition to her new home.