Blind, Deaf Cat Went Missing For Two Months; Emotional Reunion With His Human Dad


Two months ago, Raymond McNamara lost his 20-year-old blind, deaf cat named Lily. The adorable kitty went missing in Florida while the two of them were traveling across the country.


When they finally got reunited, Raymond was very emotional. Although he never stopped looking for his feline friend, his hopes of finding the blind, deaf cat, who got lost while wandering off in South Florida, was getting slimmer and slimmer each day.

It was a devastating part of Raymond’s life as he tried to knocking on doors, contacting police officers and the animal control.

When Miami’s Saving Sage Animal Rescue learned about Raymond’s missing cat, they organized a search party; however, Lily was nowhere to be found.

“Two months later I got a message on Facebook that a lady found a cat at the construction site where she was lost. We pieced it together… that was definitely his cat,” Kathy Bieniek from the Saving Sage Animal Rescue told ABCNews.


The 20-year-old senior cat wandered the area under the heat and rain for two months. The staff from the animal shelter immediately took care of Lily and gave her medical attention.

They called Raymond and set up the reunion at the Shelter.


She’s never going to get away from me again,” he said, fighting back tears.

Lily remembered her human best friend and went in to give him a head bump.


“He broke down in tears and is never going to let her out of his sight again. She is his world,” Kathy said.

Blind, Deaf Cat Lily and Raymond back together.


Watch the video below.

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Source: LoveMeow

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