Blind, Deaf Senior Cat Gets Rescued From Drowning By Teenagers Partying Nearby


Spunky is a 20-year-old blind and deaf senior cat who’s lucky enough to get rescued from drowning. The cat was found in the ocean in Deep Cove British Columbia. Fortunately, partying high school students in a home nearby was able to spot him. One of the party guests is James Winkelman, who happens to be a lifeguard, came to Spunky’s rescue, when his girlfriend Nicole saw feline rolling in the water.

Nicole thought what she saw was a distressed duck but when James realized it was a cat, he immediately went to save it. James told CBC:

“My girlfriend’s like, ‘oh no that’s a duck.’ So I go and investigate… [and] the whole, like, ‘mode’ just kicked in. Just took off my shoes, socks just ran in, just didn’t even think. Just picked it up. All my practice and training just working towards cats.”

James then grabbed Spunky by his scruff and pulled him out of the water. They then took him back to the house where other guests tried to revive him. The great thing is that one of the party guests was a nurse who then tried to check on the cat’s condition.

According to Nicole, Spunky wasn’t breathing very well that time. The nurse did some chest compression but Spunky’s breathing was still faint. He was then brought to the nearby animal rescue center.

They then took the senior cat back to the house where other guests tried to revive him.

Andrea Philpotts

James and Nicole were able to track down the cat’s family where they learned that Spunky was 20 years old and is blind and deaf. The family was overjoyed and grateful that they sent Nicole flowers, telling her that they had him since he was a kitten.

James said he was so happy having rescued Spunky, especially after learning that he’s blind and deaf.

senior cat saved
Andrea Philpotts

“The owners must be so happy to have their cat back,” he said. “I have like a dog at home and I’d be really sad if it didn’t come home one day.”

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