Boat Captain Rescues Cat Thrown Off Bridge And Turns Her Life Around


Last week, a boat owner was surprised to be pulling an adorable cat out of his fishing net.

Boat Captain Jordan Smith was out in Destin Harbor on Thursday when he noticed an unusual movement that caught his attention. The owner of Let’s Fish Destin Charters said that he saw an object flying through the air near a bridge. He thought somebody may have thrown a bag of trash from Marler Bridge.

“It hit rather hard, you know, something that high it made a pretty awful splat,” the boat owner said.

Then he noticed it started to move and he quickly thought of it as an otter. But a closer inspection made him realized that it is a cat struggling to survive.

“I saw this little head swimming around. She was swimming toward me, like, ‘Oh, human, save me!’”

“I saw these little orange eyes looking at me and, I reach down with my dip net and got it,” Smith said. “And I picked it up and it latched on and didn’t want to let go. His little heart was beating really fast. It wasn’t much, maybe three or four pounds. And it’s soaking wet, obviously.”

Smith named the beautiful cat, Miracle.

The kitty is thankful for being saved by Smith, and she immediately showed her appreciation as soon as the captain got a hold of her.

“She latched ahold of me and didn’t want to let go. She was just staring at me the whole time.”

The cat may have fallen off the bridge, which has a 56 feet clearance from the water. However, Smith believed that someone may have thrown her off intentionally.

“I’m not sure how high that is, but it was a good drop,” the boat captain said. “I was so close to the bridge, I actually had to look up underneath my tea top to see the top of the bridge. By the time I saw it, the cat was already in the water when I looked up there.”

The cat was immediately taken to the Vet to make sure she did not have any serious injuries from the fall.

“The vets say whenever they go into her care, she definitely hisses, but then when you start petting her she’s great,” he said.

The best part about the story is Smith plans to adopt Miracle and make her a big part of his family.

“I’ve got a dog at the house, she’s my princess,” Smith said. “So as long as my dog’s OK with her then, we’re going to keep her around.”

The boat captain also issued a warning to the person who may have thrown the cat off the bridge.

“To the piece of sh*t scum that just threw this cat off the destin bridge…. PLEASE let me find out who you are.”

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