Brave Kitten Neglected Because Of His Appearance Finally Found What She’s Looking For


This adorable kitten with frog-like eyes just wanted to love and be loved, but the world thought she was the ugliest kitten.

Meet the miracle kitten, Oomi!

This poor cat was desperate for some love and affection when she arrived at the ASPCA Kitten Nursery in New York City. She also needed to have her eyes checked as soon as possible. According to her human mom, Cerena, the kitten was dropped off at the front desk where works.

Despite her terrible situation, Oomi showed some bravery by not giving up and continue to live like a normal cat. Her frog-like eyes are said to be from a bacterial infection that was left untreated. Her owner said that Oomi just wanted to be loved and cuddle when she first met her.

Cerena and her fiancé, Anthony, had first thought of fostering Oomi until she’s ready to be adopted. However, it’s hard not to fall in love with a sweet kitten like her.

Oomi is full of positive energy and she doesn’t show any weakness despite her current medical condition.

They brought her to the animal hospital and doctors told them that she has to undergo a surgery to remove both her eyes to prevent the infection from spreading.

After the surgery, the first thing Oomi wanted to do was to cuddle!

She got a warm embrace from her human mom.

Oomi will never be neglected again. She will be loved by the people that truly care about her.

brave kitten found love

Look at me! I’m beautiful.

Today, the adorable cat is all grown up and everyone in the family is happy to have her around.

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Source: Instagram/oomithekitten

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