Cat Adopts Puppy After She Was Seriously Injured By A Pack Of Dogs


Dogs and cats have always been portrayed as the best enemies. However, we’ve read a lot of stories where these species co-exist without any problems. One such heartwarming story is how Gertrude the cat adopts puppy Clementine, which really started out as heartbreaking.

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Gertrude would be hating dogs by now after she got attacked in Puerto Penasco, Mexico by a pack of hounds a few months ago. The two-year-old cat was homeless and had been living in the streets. When a local found Gertrude, she took the feline to a clinic run by a rescue organization in Mexico called Compassion Without Borders (CWOB). The team found that Gertrude’s injuries were serious she needed to go through surgery.

Gertrude was attacked by a pack of dogs.

Gertrude the cat and Clementine the puppy are best of friends

When the vets started to work on Gertrude, it was found out that she was pregnant. But sadly, her kittens didn’t make it. The pack of dogs had damaged her internally during the attack that it was impossible for her unborn to survive. The good news, somehow, is that Gertrude made it.

It was discovered that she was pregnant but her kittens didn’t make it.


A week later into her recovery, Clementine arrived at the clinic. She was abandoned by her owner when it was found out that she and her littermates were sick. CWOB co-founder Camblor told that Clementine and her siblings were in such bad shape and they came in as tiny pups. Sadly, Clementine was left alone as she was the only one who survived the illness.

She then met Clementine at the same clinic where she was treated.


The cat adopts puppy and a beautiful relationship started.


It was when Gertrude learned about Clementine’s existence that something wonderful happened. According to Camblor, Gertrude would go up to Clementine’s cage and ask for attention. Clinic Manager Claudia Ortega planned to have Gertrude and Clementine meet with supervision. Once that happened, they immediately had that connection.


Camblor told The Dodo:

“Gertrude started grooming her and purring and soliciting affection from Clementine. And Clementine was just so tiny that it was probably nice to have another warm body to cuddle up to and to be friends with.”

It seemed like Gertrude is happy about standing as Clementine’s mother. She enjoys cuddling and grooming the little pup. Each time the vet team would separate them, it’s obvious that Gertrude will become distressed. She would keep meowing until Clementine’s close to her. Basically, the two became inseparable. Gertrude won’t even mind Clementine’s roughhousing.

Gertrude and Clementine are now under foster care, hoping that a family would take both of them home.


Clementine and Gertrude are now under a foster care and Camblor hopes they’ll stay together. CWOB is even planning to have both adopted out together. The team is trying to see if there will be a family who’s willing to accept both as Clementine and Gertrude just couldn’t be without each other.

[Featured Image by Compassion Without Borders (CWOB)]

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