Cat With A Broken Jaw Meets His Forever Family – The Photos Will Melt Your Heart!


Stray Rescue of St. Louis in Missouri is one of the happiest places an abandoned and abused animal can be. It is the largest no-kill shelter in St. Louis and the nearby areas. One of its residents, Nicodemus, has a broken jaw and this is his story.

The beautiful smoky gray domestic shorthair was first brought to the shelter and tested positive for feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV+).

Nicodemus had a broken jaw and is FIV+.

Nicodemus’ immune system is being compromised, leaving him susceptible to many other infections.

Rescuers worried about his chance of survival because of his injuries.

But rescuers were put at ease when this woman came to meet the feline. She fell in love with him and Nicodemus felt it, he immediately snuggled with her. He even got on her lap and took a nap. It was an instant connection for these two.

Just two days ago, the adorable kitty got adopted.

And look at his face – Nicodemus knows he’s found his human!

Nicodemus is just one of those adorable furballs who had problems with the jaw, just like the popular story of Duchess. Despite their condition, these kitties managed to capture the hearts of their humans and so were given a chance to a forever home.

Duchess, the cat with a crooked jaw but a pretty smile!

Crystal Tate

Duchess and Nicodemus are an inspiration for all feline lovers. Their stories show everyone that sometimes, those who have been through a lot are those that are capable of affection. More importantly, a shelter cat could be the sweetest cat you’ll ever have.

With their forever humans beside them and making sure they get the love and care they deserve, these furbabies will no doubt lead a great life. We are just happy that Nicodemus was given another chance to a beautiful life.

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Photos from: Stray Rescue St. Louis/Facebook

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