Cat Caged All Her Life Finally Tastes Freedom, And She Can’t Stop Thanking Her Rescuers


This cat didn’t have the best start in life. Her former owner was a mentally ill, elderly woman who kept her confined to a dog crate her entire life.

Meet LoveBug!

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Fortunately, the adorable cat was rescued by kind-hearted people who are now trying to show her what true love really means. Her rescuers took him to the animal clinic where she was treated for multiple skin diseases.

After spending a week at a local vet, LoveBug has slowly recovered and the rescue group decided to keep put her in a loving foster home. That’s when she met Patty…

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Patty is a foster human mom to cats who were mostly mistreated in the past. She gave them hope and lots of TLC as she tries to convince them that everything is going to be okay.

Now, safe and in a loving foster home, LoveBug is waiting for a new beginning.

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“It’s easy to see how LoveBug got her name. She is simply an affectionate and trusting kitty and it’s surprising that she has such great qualities given the fact at how different her life used to be before she was rescued.”

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She is now waiting for someone with a kind heart to give her a furever home.

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After months of waiting, people started to recognize her story over the Internet and adoption application began to come in.

A loving family has decided to give LoveBug a new home and promised to give her the life she deserves.

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Her new family named her Libby!

Lovebug cat
Robert Clarke

“She is an amazing little cat and loves to play a lot! Something I think she never had the chance to do, since being confined all her life,” Robert, Libby’s forever human, said.

“She likes to fetch with her mouse. Like a little dog, she brings it back to me, drops it, and wants to do it again. All of her furs has grown in really nice. She is happy and has become my best furry friend!”

“She is the best little furry friend anyone could have.”

Watch as Lovebug smothers her foster mom with love and kisses before her new family came to adopt her:

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