Cat Car Travel Tips: 5 Ways to Keep Your Kitty Calm While Traveling


Being on a vacation can be fun and relaxing but when you do take one, you can’t help but worry about what you’ll have to leave behind – particularly if you have a cat best friend. Cat car travel can be a challenge if you have a cat who detests going out of his or her comfort zone. But it is something possible if you know your cat and if you prepare well enough.

Cats are creatures of habit, which is why it might be difficult for them to accept having to go out for a travel. But you can teach your cat how to get used to car rides, which are necessary if you need to bring him along for your travel or even for short trips like a visit to the clinic. Here are tips on how you can make cat car travel more comfortable for your furry friend.


#1. Put your cat inside a carrier

Cats need to be inside their crate when traveling. You’ll have less to worry about when your cat is safe inside his crate. You can help your cat get used to the carrier by putting it out for him to see every day, even when not in use. This way, your cat can sniff around and explore the thing and be familiar with it. When you do go on a trip, put inside his favorite pillow so everything is familiar to him.


If you know so well you’re going to have a hard time with cat car travel, pack some calming tools, like calming collars, for your cat.

#2. Familiarize with car


Cats need not only familiarize with the crate that they’ll be put in but also the car that they’ll be riding in. This way, you are associating something good with the car, especially once it starts. You can let your cat rub its cheek and spread its scent inside the car to let him “claim” the territory. This should help him feel more relaxed as you traveling.

#3. Keep a calm aura

Cats can pick up how you’re feeling. So if you’re stressed out during your travel, they’ll likely feel the same. Preparing for your cat car travel can be stressful enough but pause for a while and find your inner peace as it can help both you and your cat.


Cats are little emotional sponges, so if you’re stressed out, they will be, too. It’s difficult to prepare for traveling with cats without getting stressed, and it’s also tough to deal with unpredictable traffic. But if you’re able to find some peace and calm, it’ll benefit both you and your cats.

#4. Stay within sight


Cats can get anxious whenever they see that their owner is not around. If you’re traveling with someone, let that person sit within your cat’s sight so he or she will be reminded that she’s with someone she trusts. If you’re traveling alone, talking to your cat would be enough to reassure her you’re around.

#5. Touch your cat every now and then.


Let your cat feel your touch once in a while, especially if you’re going for a long car trip. It would be great if you would take breaks in between so you can bond with your kitty.

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