Cat With Googly Eyes And A Broken Leg Shows Everyone She’s A Survivor


Igor the two-year-old black cat may look quite odd — she has googly eyes and a stubby little. She’s far from a normal-looking cat, but what Igor really is is a sweet and loving kitty.

Igor has googly eyes as a result of a birth defect.

She was first taken off the streets by Joseph’s Legacy. Her caretakers said that she got her googly eyes at birth. Igor’s eyes do not function normally but she still can see.  Her little tail is believed to be something she’s born with but she might also have lost it along the way. Igor had been recently fixed as well since the vet can see from the sutures on her ear tip.

Igor may look different from most cats, but that’s not an issue.

Igor has googly eyes and a broken leg

The real problem lies on her leg, which was recently broken.

It was a great thing Joseph’s Legacy found Igor but when they did, she was in a bad condition. It was hard for her to walk with that broken limb. But Igor is now being cared for and is in good hands.

She’s been taking pain medication to help with her broken leg.

Igor has also received treatment for her parasites and fleas. She had been cleaned and the burrs that had stuck to her side have been removed. Joseph’s Legacy is still working on a schedule to have her leg fixed.

Besides all that, Igor gets to enjoy delicious meals and some love from her caretakers. We’re just hoping Igor and her broken leg will be healed soon.

Here’s Igor meowing…

Seeing Igor, we remember the story of a cat who has a “funny-looking” set of eyes. Bubbles the cross-eyed cat had a rough life getting bullied and denied food, but eventually, she’s learned how to be confident. She also loves to play.

Bubbles the adorable cross-eyed cat.


Cats with physical irregularities like Igor and Bubbles make the cat world a better place. As most cat lovers can say, unique cats with oddities and quirks can be the most rewarding to have at home.

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