Shelter Cat With Half Nose Missing Is Up For Euthanasia, Until Someone Saved Him


Shere Khan the cat was found emaciated and with a matter fur. The nine-year-old stray cat’s ears were torn up and his face was badly injured. Half of Shar Khan’s nose was missing.

He was picked up as a stray last week in Southern California and was brought to the Baldwin Park Animal Shelter, The Dodo reported. There, the feline was thought to have a terminal illness of some sort that he was immediately listed as one of the cats that needed to be put down.

But staff at the shelter discovered that Shere Khan had a microchip.

Shere Khan was picked up as a stray and had a half missing nose

The shelter then contacted several rescue groups who can at least help Shere Khan.

Several days went by and nobody claimed the cat until, Toby Wisneski, CEO of rescue group Leave No Paws Behind, read about Shere Khan’s story through a Facebook post.


“I had noticed that somebody had tagged me in a post,” Wisneski told the Dodo. “So I went to the post … and I saw Shere Khan, and I thought, ‘My goodness. Look at that poor kitty.’ I asked my son to go over to Baldwin Park that day and to take a look at him.”

Wisneski knew right away that she was going to save Shere Khan’s life. But what made it final is when she saw how her son and grandson bonded well with the cat. Wisneski told the Dodo:

“He kind of just went in to give the little head butt and the little rub against my grandson,” Wisneski said. “It was almost like he knew that his savior had come, and that he was going to be okay.”

When Wisneski picked up Shere Khan from the shelter, she then had a vet check up on him.

It was found that the poor cat had an early stage kidney disease and other medical issues.

And there’s Shere Khan’s missing nose problem.

But Wisneski didn’t see all of Shere Khan’s problems as major ones because they can be fixed.

They shouldn’t also warrant euthanasia. The missing nose, the vet said, may have been a result of a major infection. Shere Khan could have suffered from an abusive previous owner or it could have been he had cancer. No one knows at the moment since the cat needs to grow stronger for doctors to do a biopsy on the nose.

Also, the most important thing is that Shere Khan is not in any kind of pain.

And surely, Shere Khan is grateful that someone gave him a chance.

Check out Shere Khan showing his sweet side.

All photos from Leave No Paws Behind

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