Why Do Cats Love Giving You Head Butts?


Head butts are nasty when someone does it to you, but when a cat does it you welcome it without any hesitation. You take it as a sign of affection made by your feline companion, but what does it really mean if a cat head butts its human and why do they love doing it?

There’s a technical term when a cat head butts with a human – it’s called bunting. But a cat bonking its head on its human (or a family dog) is not what bunting is all about. The act also includes rubbing against your legs. There are several reasons why your cat loves bunting, but primarily it’s a cat’s way of communicating.

Cats are all about body language and giving head butts is one of the main ways to do it.

Cat loves head butts or more commonly known as bunting.

It means he is extremely content…

Showing him you love and affection.

He’s also leaving his mark…


So that he’ll know you are his safe and comfortable place.

Betty Schlueter/Getty Images

Cats have scent glands spread all over its body. They have them between the toes so scratching is one way of depositing them. These glands are also found beneath the chin, the temples, corners of their mouth, the base of their tail and along the tail itself, and also the ears. This is why they love to rub all over you (or your dog) because they’re leaving their scent.

Cats use head butts to mark objects that they consider important, and that includes you. Your feline friend is simply telling you that he trusts you and is putting himself out there for you.

Some cats are more frequent head butters than others so don’t be surprised or upset if yours are not as keen in bunting. Some felines just like to show their affection in another way.

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Source: The Spruce