Family Surprised By A Call About Beloved Cat Who’s Been Missing For 9 Years


The Mabey family received a call On Saturday that turned out to be one of the best surprises they’d ever got – their cat has been found after nine years of being lost.

“I said, ‘I hope you haven’t, because our cat died three months ago and we don’t really want a zombie cat,’ ” Andrew Mabey recalled saying when a representative from SPCA contacted them.

But the group insisted that the cat they recently found belongs to them and they verified that through its microchip.

Meet Getti!


She did belong to the Mabey family; however, she had disappeared nine years ago and the her owners never expected her return.


When the family decided to go to the SPCA center on Sunday, they immediately recognized Getti.

“She looked very very homeless, and dirty and skinny. She’s now home and we washed her last night and de-flead her,” Andrew Mabey said.


“She fell asleep on my lap last night for about two hours, so she’s definitely our cat. I just don’t know where she’s been for the last nine years.”

“The couple lived in Berhampore when Getti went missing, and they were sure at the time she had become lost in a gully near the house.

“We looked for weeks and weeks and weeks, and thought the microchip might bring her back earlier. Then we just kind of forgot about her, to be honest.”


Three months ago, the family lost their other cat, which was run over and it devastated them especially their two children aged 7 and 9.

Getti used to be this big fluffy young cat but now he is nowhere near that. The family took Getti home and promised to take good care of him until he gets his old form.


A lot of pets have been reunited to their owner after being lost because of microchipping. SPCA has been promoting the program to convince pet owners to have their pets microchipped.

“We had a cat that was reclaimed that ended up at our Waikanae centre which had originally come from around Hamilton,” SPCA claimed.


We are glad that Getti has been reunited with his owners and we are pretty sure that he will spend the rest of his life happily living with his family.

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