Cat Reunited With Family With Help From Dog After Getting Lost During Fire


Earlier this year, Christine Marr received a devastating news from a local firefighter while she was working. Her home had been caught on fire and her beloved companions, Smoke, Ringer and Chloe were all inside when the incident happened.

Marr learned that Chloe the dog was found lying on the bathroom floor. The rescuers had to administer oxygen treatment to revive her before she received more help. Firefighters also found Smoke the cat, but unfortunately, she died.

Marr then asked the rescuer about Ringer, the other cat, but he said that the team didn’t find another cat. It was assumed that Ringer died in the fire. It was devastating not only for Marr and the family but also for Chloe, who considers Ringer as her best friend.

Chloe the dog survived the fire; Smoke the cat was confirmed dead, while Ringer the other cat was never found.

Christine Marr

Christine Marr lost two of her pets in a house fire.

Christine Marr

Marr was heartbroken about losing the cats, but she just focused her energy on Chloe to make her feel better. The incident prompted the fire chief to keep around oxygen masks for cats and dogs to be used in the future.

Weeks after the incident, Marr would go back to the burned house to feed the other barn cats on the property. Each time, she is hopeful that Ringer would show up, just in case he made it out of the fire alive and was just out somewhere.

Every day for a month, Mar would call out to Ringer because she just couldn’t believe he died. As days and weeks went by, Marr started to accept that Ringer might not be coming back and that he’s gone forever.

On Mother’s Day, it had been two months after the fire incident and Marr’s husband successfully repaired the building. They then decided to take Chloe with them. Once they were home, Chloe started sniffing the floor – which is normal for any dog. But then she started scratching at it and licking it as well.

The family reached the dining room, where a large gap in the wall is located. This gap leads to under the house. Chloe headed over to the gap and put her head inside it and wouldn’t come out. Marr and her husband would pull her out but she would just shove her head back in. That’s when Marr decided to find out what the fuss is about.

To her surprise, she heard meowing from inside the gap. Marr and her husband assumed that one of the cats in the barn got inside the house when the construction was going on and somehow got stuck. Marr got out the house and took Chloe with her to the car. She then got back in to help her husband but what she saw gave her a big surprise – her husband snuggling with Ringer.

Chloe found Ringer in a small gap in the house.

Christine Marr

Ringer had survived the fire

Christine Marr
Christine Marr

The little ring around Ringer’s tail was proof enough that he is the lost cat. He’d gone on without food and water for two months so the family had to take her to the vet immediately. When Chloe saw him, she got really excited.

“She was jumping up and down in the backseat, so excited, trying to jump up front to get to Ringer,” Marr said.

Ringer is finally reunited with his family but she’s still having a little bit of difficulty with eating and drinking . It is a miracle that he survived the fire. Marr and her husband are happy that the cat made it. But Chloe is much happier now that she can be with her best friend.

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