Cat Trapped In Small Pet Carrier For 2 Years Finally Rescued


They thought he was never going to survive after rescuers found him in a pretty bad condition inside a small pet carrier.

Meet Samuel the cat!

Samuel was placed inside a small pet carrier for most of his life. He was skin and bones when volunteers rescued him and he was immediately brought to a municipal shelter in Houston, Texas, called BARC. He was in a very bad shape with eyes severely swollen from mange and he was suffering from a long list of expensive medical issues.

Samuel was going to be euthanized.

The poor cat was isolated from humans and other animals for over two years inside a small pet carrier. He never experienced being loved by someone who has the time to scoop him up and cuddle. He was certainly longing for attention but poor Samuel was going to be put down.

Luckily, a vet tech in the Houston area came across his photo, which was posted online by a volunteer at BARC, and decided to help.

“Somebody had posted a picture of a really skinny cat that had tested positive for feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV). I knew that wouldn’t give him a good start at trying to get out of the shelter, and he just looked so pathetic,” Raines told The Dodo. “So I posted to some of the rescue groups saying that if I could get backing I would foster him.”

Hours before they would euthanize Samuel, Volunteers with Save A Purrfect Cat Rescue (SAPCR) saved the cat, and one of Raines’ clients at the clinic offered to be the sick kitty’s “freedom ride.”

“She honestly thought he was going to die when he was in the car,” Raines said, “he was in such bad shape.”

Despite his condition, doctors at the hospital believed that they have to give Samuel another chance in life.

“I promise you there is a beautiful cat underneath all this, and we’re going to find him.”

“Sam, loving the belly rubs:). And, what a belly! He’s almost doubled his weight since rescue!”

After several weeks of treatment, Samuel began to put on weight and his vision returned. He also started socializing with people and other cats.

“As he started coming out of his shell more and more, it was as if he had to learn how to be a cat,” Raines said. “He didn’t know how to play. If you put him on a piece of furniture he would get down, and walking on the floor was like hot coals.”

The people around him were positive that the cat will soon become normal and will find a rightful owner who would love him unconditionally.

“His shadow surprised him every time he saw it, and his reflection in glass windows freaked him out — he was very, very suspicious of it,” Raines said.

After a year, Samuel was finally ready to be adopted and that’s when he met Bryan Smith.

“The day I met Bryan, we brought [Samuel] up to the clinic, and Bryan just sat down on the floor next to the kennel and started talking to him. The look on Samuel’s face was completely different than it had ever been — he just relaxed,” Raines said. “Bryan just had such a calm demeanor and was OK with moving slowly.”

But Raines wasn’t entirely convinced until Sam told her in no uncertain terms that he was ready to move on.

“At one point [Sam] came over and mewed at me, and then he walked over to Bryan. It was as if he was telling me, ‘This is it,’” Raines added.

He may have spent two years inside a small pet carrier but Samuel is a totally different cat now.

The cat just wanted to love and be loved…

Samuel is now a happy cat who has found true love.

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Source: The Dodo



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