Cat Travels An Epic 620 Miles Across Australia To Reunite With Owner


Whiskers the ginger cat had been lost for over three months so he went on an epic journey just to be back in his human’s arms. Whiskers’ home is in Toowoomba, a city in the region of Queensland, Australia but he was found in Longreach, which would take one 12 hours by car or seven hours by plane.

The tom cat travels Australia on a 620-mile journey just to reunite with his human dad. Thankfully, his epic journey was successful, and that’s also thanks to his microchip.

Whiskers the ginger cat went on an epic Australian adventure.

Cat travels Australia after running away from owner
Ollie Wykeham

This is how far Whiskers traveled when he went missing for three months.

Luke Hall, Whiskers’ owner, recalled how their caravan broke down while traveling and that’s when his cat got away, ABC reported. Whiskers became “a little restless,” as Luke had described, so he got away from the fly wire at midnight.

Luke waited a day for Whiskers to come back, but he never did. The heartbroken Luke posted on Facebook, asking people for help to bring back Whiskers.┬áThree months later, he got an unexpected call from someone registered in Longreach. Luke thought to himself it’s unusual since he doesn’t know anyone from that area.

It turns out that the person called to let Luke know about Whiskers.


Whiskers the cat went on an epic adventure in Australia

“I had a day off work and got a missed call from Longreach and thought ‘Why do I have a missed call from Longreach? I don’t know anyone in Longreach.’ They said they had Whiskers, and I just couldn’t believe it.”

A gray nomad in western Queensland found the missing cat and took him to the vet in Longreach. There, Whiskers’ microchip was scanned.

The vet who took in Whiskers asked help to get him home to his human.

Missing cat travels Australia to reunite with master
Ollie Wykeham

Travelers helped in transporting Whiskers back to his home. There were those who offered to drive him from Longreach to Dalby then from Dalby driven again to Toowoomba, back to his home.

Finally, Whiskers is here reunited with Luke.

And no, his dad didn’t ground him though.

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