Cat Walks 12 Miles Back Home To Family who Rejects Him


A poor cat missed his previous owners and walked 12 miles back to their house hoping that they have missed him too. However, when the family saw him, they tried to have him put down.

Meet Toby the cat!

According to the SPCA of Wake County in North Carolina, the 7-year-old kitty was given away by his previous owners after realizing they no longer wanted him. However, the cat did not want to be with his new family, so he decided to return back to his first human.

The animal rights organization said that his previous owners did not want Toby anymore, even when the cat showed some loyalty by walking 12 miles back to their house. The initial owners took the poor cat to an animal shelter to be euthanized.

“When Toby’s family no longer wanted him, they gave him to another family. But Toby missed them, and walked 12 miles back to his home.”

“When he arrived, he was met with heartbreak. The family he thought had loved him took him to a shelter and asked staff to euthanize him. The shelter called us at the SPCA to ask if we could take him in and help him find a new family. Of course, we said YES!”

The rescue group is hoping to find someone who will give Toby another chance in life, someone who is willing to provide him a forever home.

“Thank you all who shared Toby’s story earlier this week. Toby is safe here at the SPCA Pet Adoption Center waiting to find his forever home. He would prefer to be the only cat in his home.”


“Good news! Remember Toby, the cat who walked 12 miles back to his family, only to be taken to a shelter to be euthanized? (Don’t worry! He was transferred to the SPCA instead!) Well, Toby has been adopted! He has three new siblings (one feline and two human) and a cat-savvy mom to show him what a loving family is really like.”

“If you were moved by Toby’s story, you aren’t alone. If you’d like to do something about it, visit to sign up for the 2018 Dog Walk & Woofstock and make a difference for other homeless pets.”

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