This Cat With Six Toes Was Unwanted, But Soon His New Human Discovered His Talent


Who says dogs are the only furry friends that can perform awesome tricks? Apparently, cats have tricks of their own and this one rejected cat is no exception. This cat, who’s been named Pee Wee, has been sitting in the shelter and was waiting for adoption but┬ánobody seems to notice his cuteness.

Nobody wanted Pee Wee because he is a six-toed cat. Eventually, Pee Wee found his forever human, but what the human didn’t know is that he has a surprise of his own. The cat’s new family noticed that he had an impressive talent.

Pee Wee’s family decided to record a video of what he does best. The six toes turn out to be the blessing as this cat uses them to catch whatever us thrown at him. Such talent this feline friend has.

Check out the video below of Pee Wee, a cat with six toes, who can catch impressively.

Pee Wee was a feral cat who has been trained by his family. He meows on command and according to his owner, Pee Wee surprised everyone with his ability to learn and the fact that he’s willing to please his owners.

Pee Wee is a polydactyl cat, a cat with a few extra digits on any of the paws. Most cats have 18 toes in all, but because of the genetic mutation, some can have more than that.

A cat with six toes or extra digits is called a polydactyl cat.

A cat with six toes is called a polydactyl cat
Roham Sheikholeslami/Flickr

Having extra digits is not a cause for concern as it’s harmless. We don’t get why nobody wanted Pee Wee at first, but a polydactyl is definitely cute and it can be an asset to have those extras.

Do you think Pee Wee is cute? Are you a proud owner of a polydactyl cat? Let us know about them!

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