15 Photos That Prove Cats Can Sleep Just About Anywhere


Cats can be full of energy. When they are awake, they make sure that they make the most of their waking hours. But if they sleep, they sleep a lot. Cats love sleep so much, they can fall asleep pretty much everywhere.

Cats need around 12-16 hours of sleep every day so it shouldn’t be a surprise to see that they can just doze off, even in the most cramped space they can find at home. Here are 15 photos that prove cats can fall asleep everywhere.

#1. Cats can fall asleep on any surface other than their bed or your couch.

#2. Like this guy — he’s probably too sleepy to reach his bed.

#3. This one has a rather unique preference.

#4. This is probably the most comfortable spot for this kitty.

#5. This one’s too adorable, you don’t wanna disturb this fella.