15 Photos That Prove Cats Hate Selfies


It’s understandable if you can’t help but take out your phone and capture every moment you have with your precious cat. You just really want to be proud of them and show the world how special and awesome they are. But clearly, cats hate selfies and they don’t enjoy it that much.

To our feline companions, we’re sorry that you have to go through all this nonsense. You’re way too cute not to be put on social media for everyone to see. We do understand that you don’t enjoy selfies every day. Sometimes you may feel that you’re having a hair day – but trust us – you are cute and adorable in every way, whenever and wherever. It would be great if you guys cooperate sometimes.

#1. Do I really have to smile???

#2. Why must I have to join your stupid selfie, human?

#3. Oh! Not again!

#4. Are you mocking me???

#5. Because I told you over and over I don’t like it!!! You just wouldn’t listen…

#6. Sigh. Here we go again.

#7. I hate this!

#8. I’m allergic to photography, human!

#9. Oh please.

#10. Why must he do this to me….

#11. Save me!!!

#12. I’m telling you, I don’t like it.

#13. She’s making fun of me.

#14. I’m not interested. Leave me the f— alone!

#15. You’re driving me crazy woman!

Cats hate selfies in the photos

Sadly, your cat still doesn’t really like to have selfies with you. Prove us wrong, share your selfie-loving cats in the comments section below.

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