All 54 cats at the Hemingway House Are Declared Safe After Hurricane Irma


Many cat lovers were concerned about the 54 kitties and 10 occupants at the home of Ernest Hemingway in Key West Florida. Fortunately, all of them are safe and accounted for.

“Jacqui Sands, who is the manager of the house, elected to remain with the family’s 54 six-toed cats and other members of staff (pictured is volunteer Nicole Navarro). Besides a few fallen trees, the property did not appear to suffer hurricane damage .”

Despite the relentless power of Hurricane Irma, the iconic house had avoided any structural damage, TMZ reported.

The famous author’s granddaughter had previously begged for the caretaker, Jacqui Sands, to leave the property before Irma; however, 72-year-old sands decided to stay along with the cats that live there.

“As our staff member, Nicole Navarro was confirming all cats were accounted for, the cat Grace Kelly took over roll call,” staff members said through a Facebook post on Saturday night.

Mariel Hemingway, the granddaughter of the famous author, begged Sands to leave the place as she feared that something bad might happen to them when Hurricane Irma arrives.

Nonetheless, the actress thinks that what Sands did is “’absolutely wonderful” as the latter refused to evacuate so he could take care of the house.

Mariel said Sands is an “admirable person for trying to stay there and save the cats and the house, but ultimately ‘it’s just a house.”

“Save the cats! Get all the cats in the car and take off!” Mariel told Sands.

According to Hemingway’s granddaughter, some of the cats at the house are descendants of Snow White, the six-toed cat given to the late author by a local fisherman.

 Grace Kelly the cat!

The author’s former home serves as a museum where polydactyl cats – six toes – roam freely.

hurricane irma

“That cat started his love for cats,” Sands revealed to the Miami Herald. “You can see pictures of Hemingway writing and a cat up (near) his typewriter. Cats gave him a sense of peace when he was writing.”

We are glad that the cats are safe along with their favorite humans!

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