20 Cute Cats Missing Their Owners – You Might Want To Get Home To Yours Fast!


Most people think that cats don’t really need a lot of hanging out with its human. They are said to be aloof and independent. However, this is just one of the myths surrounding our feline friends. Cats are capable of forming special bonds with their caretakers, and just like dogs, they can miss their owners like crazy when they’re not around.

They can sit by the window for hours waiting for your return. When you look at these photos below, you might want to drop everything and get home to your cat as soon as possible.

Cats are mostly self-sufficient, it’s true…

Val d’Aquila

But the truth is, they really need their humans.

Anna Kryczkowska

Feral cats don’t have any problem being by themselves without human interaction, but the same thing cannot be said of indoor cats. Domesticated cats that have lived with a family will feel lonely and frustrated if their beloved owners are not around.

Just like dogs, cats can suffer from separation anxiety as well.


And you can tell if your cat follows you everywhere…

Benjamin Torode

And they can feel depressed, that they would refuse to eat.


A cat’s anxiety can get worse by showing you that they’re not happy when you’re gone. They usually do this by pooping outside of their litter box or even spray on your bed.

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