5 Ways You Can Stop Your Cat From Ruining Your Sex Life


Cats are, without a doubt, awesome companions, who can readily give you cuddles to start and end your day well. And because they may demand time and attention from you, they can ruin your sex life, especially if you are invested in that aspect of your life.

Just like how things were for Your Tango editor Rebecca Jane Stokes how her cats pretty much ruined her sex life. In her article, Stokes shared how one of her cats decided to take a swipe at her date’s “erect dong” while they were at it, just because the furball saw the guy fumbling with the condom.

How Cats Become Deal Breakers During Sex

This may have happened to a cat owner once or twice but that’s just not it. There’s the fact that some people can be highly allergic to cats and that one of those “some people” could happen to be the hot date you’ve been pining for. The same thing could happen to long-term couples who’d get some swipin’ at the feet when things are getting good under the sheets.


Cats can also be overly protective or obsessed with their owner that they can’t leave their side. Not only is it awkward to have an animal staring at you while you’re doing it, but these furballs can also get jealous if they see their humans touching and getting close to someone else.

Some cats can make their mark on your bed once you’re done with your kinky time. This may not affect your sex life directly but smelling cat pee on your sheets and pillows can kill the mood.

How to Stop Cats From Ruining Your Sex Life

Let’s face it – they may be adorable but one can’t deny that cats can be deal breakers when it comes to sex. But there are ways on how you can get your beloved companion to stop interfering with your chances of having an awesome time with your partner.

  1. Cats can get territorial by marking your bed with their pee. If this behavior continues, consider getting a separate sleeping space for Snowball so she won’t feel threatened by another person’s presence. You need to be clear about the boundaries you are trying to set up. If your bed should a cat-restricted area, you need to send a message to your cat.
Cats ruining sex life is a minor problem for some cat owners

2. If your cat likes to join in on the fun under the sheets, you need to put him down on the floor or let him out of the room. It’s sad but cats that are used to being in bed with you would not understand why you’re letting them out so suddenly. You can start training your cat not to get inside if you’re with someone in the bedroom.

3. It can be awkward to have your cat staring at you mid-coitus. Getting that deep stare, as if your cat can see your partner’s thoughts, can definitely spoil the moment. Most people would say their cats give off that judgmental stare when in reality, they are not. Your cat is simply looking at you and you just need to acknowledge their presence and carry on.


4. You are the boss, not your cat. There will be times when a cat would not like their human’s newfound partner. It’s either the cat would feel anxious or annoyed by the presence of your partner. The cat could also be threatened by this presence. There is no need to force your cat into liking someone. However, you can ease his anxiety by placing your partner’s socks near his toys so he can be familiar with the scent. Eventually, things will work out.

Cats could be ruining your sex life and you have to do something about it

5. Dealing with your partner’s cat allergies can be challenging, especially if you love your cat to death and are, at the same, head over heels for this new person. Keep everything in your room nice and clean. If your partner is set to come over, let your room be cat-free for a few days leading to the rendezvous. Grooming Fluffy regularly and cleaning out her litter box several times a day can also help keep the allergies at bay.

Has your cat ever killed your mood for sexy time? How did you deal with it? We’d love to hear about it in the comments section below.

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