Donkey Wants To Be A Clydesdale Horse, What He Did Was Adorable

Budweiser Commercial - Clydesdales Donkey

A cute donkey could only watch Clydesdale horses show their amazing physique in a Budweiser commercial. He wishes to be a part of it someday; however, he realized that he is only a donkey and not a horse and this becomes a problem for him. He knows he is adorable but he lacks the distinct extra hair around his hooves, and the fact that he is much smaller than a Clydesdale horse.

Since he really wanted to be a Clydesdale horse, he tries to put “hair extensions” on his lower legs to make him appear like one. Although the size difference is pretty obvious, we still think it’s adorable. He really wants that Budweiser commercial really bad.

Finally, he gets the chance for an “interview” to be a part of it as he stands before an array of many majestic looking Clydesdale horses. To his surprise, he “made the cut.” However, he doesn’t fully understand why he made it. He must have said something right, he thought.

The Ad is really cute and might teach us a lesson or two about acceptance.

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Source: bulls7123

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