Would You Still Cuddle With Your Cat Even If Science Says It’s Deadly?


There’s a reason why we love cuddling with cats. Besides the fact that it’s hard to resist a cute and cuddly creature, being close to them is therapeutic and it gives us comfort and joy. Now, experts say that cuddling actually kills. What kind of planet are we living in now?

It’s frustrating enough having to be away from your feline companion and now, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention goes on telling that getting close and cuddling with cats brings health risks.

CDC conducted a large-scale survey on cat scratch fever — a cat-borne bacterial disease that caused by the bacterium, Bartonella henselae. The new study finds that serious complications can arise from the fever more commonly than initially thought.

Cat scratch disease usually causes fever and pustules, but in extreme cases, they can be deadly. That said, doctors advised that cat owners should always wash their hands after touching their cats. And if it’s possible, avoid kissing your feline best friend. Can you do that?

Furthermore, cat owners should see to it that they observe flea control methods for their pets.

“The scope and impact of the disease is a little bit larger than we thought,” Dr. Christina Nelson of the CDC.

Kittens and strays are more likely to be carriers of the bacteria. The disease starts out when an infected cat scratches an individual or when someone touches their mouth without washing hands after stroking an infected cat.

The good thing is that cat scratch is preventable, Nelson said.

“Cat-scratch is preventable. If we can identify the populations at risk and the patterns of disease, we can focus the prevention efforts.”

The good thing is that cat scratch is preventable

Would you still hug your cat despite the claim?


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