Curious Kitten Stuck 8 Feet Up The Chimney For Days, “Daring” Rescue Performed


When the newly adopted kitten Lola first arrived at her new furever home, she was bit nervous and curious. While trying to find a good place to hide, the adorable kitten put herself into a situation she could no longer get out.

Lola’s curiosity led her in a fireplace where she got stuck 8 feet up her new human’s chimney.

Meet Lola the curious chimney kitten!


When her new human mom could not seem to find her anywhere in the house, she thought that the cat might have gotten out and run away.

After four days, Lola’s new mom could not stop thinking about what may have happened to her new baby kitten, until she heard meows coming from her chimney.

After realizing that her new kitten has gotten herself stuck deep in the chimney, she quickly called the RSPCA. Along with the Merseyside Fire Service, rescuers worked for four hours before they were able to free the frightened tiny kitten.


RSPCA inspector Matt Brown said that the team had to create a special strategy to make sure the kitten will be freed without getting hurt.


“We had to devise a plan to get her free, so at first we climbed up on the roof and were poking rods down to see if it would help her get down.”

“When they didn’t work, we took the fireplace off and, using long poles, managed to free her. It took some time but it was definitely a worthy job. We were all so pleased to have her free.”

Although everyone including the rescuers was completely covered in soot, nobody really seemed to mind. The most important thing is they were able to free Lola and everyone is happy about it.


The rescuers took the little kitten to the RSPCA’s Greater Manchester Animal Hospital to make sure she did not suffer any illness from her little adventure. Fortunately, she did not develop any health issues from being stuck in the chimney for so long.

Lola is now back home and her human mom can only hope that this tiny curious cat will know how to pick safer hiding places next time.

cat stuck in chimney

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H/T: The Dodo