Unusual Curly Haired Cats And Their Origins Are Taking The Internet By Storm


When a photo of an orange curly haired cat came out on the Internet last week, it became viral and the adorable kitty captured the whole world.

“I’ve never seen a cat with curls until now.”


Apparently, the cat’s unusual poodle-like hair is not a trick. It is as real as it gets!


According to experts, the breed of the now famous kitty is most likely Selkirk rex. The cat’s origins can be traced to another unusual feline named Miss DePesto.

The beautiful kitty was born in 1987 at a local shelter in Montana. All of her brothers and sisters have straight coats; however, Miss DePesto stood out due to her curly hair.

Ingrid Matschke

Miss DePesto was adopted by a local Persian owner in Montana named Jeri Newman. When Newman decided to breed the cat with a black Persian, She was surprised to see all of her six kittens have adorable curly hair. This is how the Selkirk rex was discovered.


Also known as the “poodle cat,” the curly haired cats definitely look like living teddy bears. One of the most amazing things about this breed is they also have curly whiskers.

The cat is also said to have an easy going personality.


These curly haired cats are starting to capture the attention of pet lovers all over the world.


Another poster declared on Twitter that discovering Selkirk rex has made her week.

“Today I have discovered Selkirk Rex cats and it has made my week”


Everything about this cat is curly, even its whiskers!

curly haired cats

Watch the video below:

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