Dad Hated Cats, Until One Day He Did This To His Son’s Rescued Kitten


Nick always wanted to have a pet growing up. However, he did not really get the chance to own one until he decided to rescue a kitten. The only problem is – his dad “hated” cats!

Despite the situation, the college student went through with the adoption and brought the cat home – he never expected to come home one day after class to his dad and kitten doing this.

He named the cat Binx!

“I adopted Binx out of BARCS a few years back when I was in college. I had always wanted a pet, but never really got a chance to grow up with one. One day I was feeling especially bold, or more realistically I was stressed out with classes and exams, and decided that I was going to rescue a kitten,” Nick told iizcat.

“I got a chance to meet the little-striped tiger at the shelter and I went into a separate room to get more acquainted. He hid under my chair and was too afraid to say hi. Then I dangled a toy out in front of him and despite his nervousness, he came out and pounced on the toy before darting back under my chair. I fell in love with him right there.”

“I called my mom and told her I was bringing him home. She told me ‘good luck’.”

“The only issue was my dad. He had always “hated” cats and just wasn’t really a pet person. I knew deep down though he was a total softie, and figured it was worth the risk. I came home with Binx bundled in my jacket, and my dad confronted me right then and there.”

Although he was finally able to convince his dad to let the cat stay, Nick promised to take full responsibility of the adorable kitten.

His dad also made an ultimatum that if the cat will scratch any of the things inside the house, Brinx will go back to the shelter.

His dad never really made any effort to know the cat until one day he found Binx curled up on the back of his father.

 “I knew right there that Binx had stolen my dad’s heart and he was going to be living here forever.”


“Flash forward a couple years, and Binx is my dad’s best friend. They do everything together and my dad spoils him like you wouldn’t believe. He ordered expensive cat trees for him, toys, window perches and anything Binx wants, Binx gets.”


Now, Binx is no longer Nick’s cat, he is his dad’s newfound baby!

 “I have since moved out, and adopted two cats of my own, but I wasn’t allowed to take Binx with me. My dad said that Binx is now his and nobody was taking his little buddy away from him.”

“He’s a total self confessed cat dad now and it’s quite hilarious. The man hated cats growing up, but as well all know, that’s because he never met the right cat. Now Binx will live out the rest of his life snuggling with my dad on the couch, laying across the keyboard of his computer, and watching football games together.”


“He loves the cat more than his own children, and I’m totally okay with that. :)”

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H/T: iizcat