Desperate Stray Cat Jumps Inside Police Car Asking The Officer To Take Him Home

City of Oxford, Ohio - Division of Police

A stray cat who desperately needed help found the perfect person to give him just that – a police officer. And the adorable feline was not going to take no for an answer so he made him an offer he can’t refuse.

Rick Butler is a police officer from Ohio and despite his tough guy persona; he got captured by the cat’s adorable call for help.

City of Oxford, Ohio – Division of Police

During his regular Friday morning patrol, Butler met a homeless cat who clearly needed some love and affection. While stopping to check on a local church in Oxford Ohio, the cop noticed a cat leapt through the car’s open window. When he got near his cruiser, the cat demanded to be petted – the officer did not stand a chance.

Butler giving the cat some attention…

City of Oxford, Ohio – Division of Police

Butler thought that the cat would eventually go away; however, after a few moments, it was clear that the orange kitty had something else in mind. He got comfortable and didn’t want to be taken out of his new seat.

“[He’s] super friendly and loving and now refusing to leave the police car!” the department revealed.

City of Oxford, Ohio – Division of Police

It appeared that the kitty did not want to go back living on the streets; he may have been tired of being a stray cat.

The officer took the cat to the station but since the building does not have proper facilities to let the cat live in there, Butler decided to bring his new friend home. He is currently fostering him until they get solid information about the cat, or until someone is interested to adopt him.

City of Oxford, Ohio – Division of Police

“We do not shelter cats in our K9 kennels but Officer Butler is going to foster him for a few days instead of turning him loose on his own.”

According to Butler, the cat is doing well at home and getting plenty of snuggles with him.


The orange kitty that adopted police officer Butler has finally found a new forever home!!!

City of Oxford, Ohio – Division of Police

The sweet kitty is getting comfortable at his new place.

City of Oxford, Ohio – Division of Police

Thank you for giving this cat the chance to love and be loved.

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H/T: The Dodo