Desperate Stray Cat Seeks Help For Her Sick Kitten From A Woman She Just Met


A kind hearted woman noticed a homeless cat roaming around her neighborhood desperate for some help. The kitty looked as if it has not eaten for several days so she decided to leave some food outside hoping for the cat to eat it.

On the next day, Jamie noticed the stray cat had returned for food again. So she decided to leave cat food outside every day until she and the cat formed a wonderful bond or trust.

The two immediately become best friends!

Little did Jamie know, the cat has been planning to do something amazing that shocked the kind-hearted woman. The stray brought something to Jamie that proved how much she trust her new human friend.

When Jamie noticed the cat, she immediately got near her and discovered that she brought a little kitten along with her. She wanted her new trusted friend to have him checked. Once Jamie looked closely, she noticed that the tiny ginger kitten needed an immediate medical attention.

Meet Milo the adorable ginger kitten!

Jamie did not realize that her new cat friend is a mother and has a kitten with an injured leg. The momma cat knew that Jamie could help her get his kitten treated.

Jamie immediately rushed little Milo to the vet and discovered that he is suffering from a broken fibula and tibia. The animal doctor treated the adorable kitten by putting a cast on his leg that will stay there for at least three weeks.

If it wasn’t for Jamie, the baby cat would have suffered more from the injury, which could have been fatal for him.

The stray cat definitely did not choose the wrong person to trust.

Jamie adopted Milo and Momma cat still drops by to check in from time to time; however, she prefers to stay outside.

“I think she’s just so used to being outside,” says Jamie. “Milo was the best thing that’s happened to me in a long time,” she added.

stray cat mother cat sick kitten

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