Doctors Give Up On Kitten And Her One-Eyed Brother, Until Woman Decides Save Them.


A kind-hearted person rescued two tiny black kittens and brought them to the nearest animal hospital. The baby cats were in a terrible condition and in desperate need of help. However, everybody seemed to have given up on them until a woman who worked at the clinic decided to take them home and foster the poor kittens.

This is Atlas and Cambria!


The two kittens have struggled after losing their mother. Cambria had problems seeing while her brother, Atlas, had already lost an eye due to infections.

Everyone at the animal clinic thought the kittens would not survive another day but the kind-hearted woman refused to give and decided to offer help.


“I agree to the expensive endeavor of fostering them because I am a sucker for an undercat,” imgur user catchforusthefoxes said. “Atlas was on the verge of death for over a week and had to be bottle fed every few hours. Shortly thereafter we found out that he had distemper.”

While her doctors suggested humane euthanasia, she insisted on bringing them home and paid off medication from her own pocket just to make sure they survive.


“Atlas shrieked if he wasn’t being actively held by me, so he hung out in my pocket at work and occasional happy squawks emerged from my scrubs, much to the surprise and delight of my patients.”

“Cambria stood in front of every new thing they encountered to protect her little brother from it. Everything was scary and they needed constant reassurance.”

Doctors gave up on them but look at them now…


When the animal hospital suggested to have them adopted separately, the woman did not let that happen. She knew that the two kittens had to stay together to survive.

“The vet clinic and I opted to mutually part ways. Dad came home to find me jobless, with two permanent additions to the family.”

After a month, the woman already found a new job while her husband finally decided to become human dad to the kittens.


“Our scrappy duo cannot meow properly, instead chirping and barking like cat-dogs. They are inseparable unless they are actively suckling a blanket or Mom’s hair.”

“They like laying on top of the dog, chasing the laser in tandem, singing the song of their people when Mom and Dad try having them sleep in another room.”

The two lovely cats having some quality time with their pet dog…


“Cambria likes to collect things… She is very quiet unless she’s playing fetch, then she trills non-stop.

“Atlas is all chirps, ‘barking’ and sounds just like the poison-spitting dinosaur in Jurassic Park. He likes beards, stealing the dog’s food, and following Mommy around so he can climb on her shoulder and eat her hair


“Cambria’s favorite person is Dad, and she likes to be tucked into his sweaters. Dad turns to Mom quietly one evening and says, ‘Hey. I love them.'”


The woman and her husband finally decided to adopt both kittens and give them the life they deserve.

Atlas and Cambria have grown up to be adorable and happy cats.


Their human mom refused to give up on them because she knew that both cats deserve another chance in life.


She may only have one eye but this cat grew up beautifully.

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H/T: imgur